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Antique and Creative Blog

  • Decorative Antique & Textiles Fair

    Why you should also love the Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair
  • Our Visit To Bada Fair 2018

    Last month The Urban Vintage Affair was at the BADA Fair 2018. This is what caught our eye.
  • Caring For Your Paper Mache

    Vintage or an older antiques, look after your paper mache trays the same way

  • Silver & Chocolate Easter

    First collaboration with Chocolate and antique silver.

  • Live In Velvet #TrendBlog

    From the catwalk to the bedroom, velvet is back and it's more tactile and stylish than it's ever been.

  • Behind The Brand - My Passion For Antiques

    Many people ask why I set up this brand, so I thought I would a post about it.

  • Scandi Mix - Antique & Interior #TrendBlog

    Visual insight to the rising trend of mixing your antiques with mid century Scandinavian furniture.
  • Be Original This Valentines

    Here's some inspirational valentine gift ideas. This year think about giving an investment piece of something to decorate your heart and home with....
  • Artisan Handmade Notebooks

    Our slow made urban collection of notebooks perfect for the stationery lovers Our Sommelier Urban collection commenced with some limited edition ha...
  • History About The Goths Suitcase and Trunks

    Appreciating of the depth and character of a vintage and antique cases, all holding a historic tale or secret. Here we share some history with you....
  • So What's With The Grooms Coddler?

    History of Grand Dining -  Silver for breakfast, dining in style, grand display Used in private homes and across public dining rooms and hotels egg...
  • The History About The Headhunters Flatware

    What can we tell you about knives and forks that you don't already know? Quite a lot actually.... It has been said that cutlery was once considered...