Have you thought about transforming your antique or vintage business into a thriving brand?

I understand your journey. As a fellow antique dealer and founder of Brandstorm Consultancy, I've combined my passion for antique finds with strategic brand building expertise to help other antique and vintage businesses flourish.

This is a personalised one-on-one consultancy service designed to equip product based sellers with the tools and strategies to: 

  • Unearth the brand potential within your existing business or new venture.
  • Gain clarity on your ideal customer and tailor your offerings accordingly.
  • Master the art of product sourcing, selection, and presentation.
  • Develop captivating and fit for purpose bespoke packaging that elevates your brand identity.
  • Navigate the world of e-commerce and online selling platforms.
  • Craft engaging social media and blog strategies to reach a wider audience.
  • Develop effective PR strategies to gain valuable media exposure.
  • Build and nurture a loyal email list for targeted marketing.
  • To master your brand identity and product positioning for a powerful market presence.
  • Or maybe you just need to optimise your time management to achieve more with less.


One-on-One Discovery call for Antique & Vintage Sellers

    £150 ph

    Throughout our sessions, you'll have ample opportunity to:

    • Ask questions and receive expert guidance on any topic related to your business.
    • Benefit from my unique perspective as both a brand consultant, product buyer/developer and experienced antique /vintage dealer.
    • Develop a personalised action plan to propel your brand forward.

    Following your consultancy video / phone call you will have more clarity and knowledge on what to do next. You will have an action plan, on how and the best way forward with your brand / brand idea. plus I will follow up with digital notes

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