Unique Father's Day Gift Guide for Creative Dads: Antique and Vintage Treasures

Unique Father's Day Gift Guide for Creative Dads: Antique and Vintage Treasures

Father's Day Sunday 18th June 2023 is a great time to show your dad how much you appreciate him. If your dad is a creative type, there are a lot of unique and thoughtful gifts you can give him. If you're looking for an unusual gift, consider something antique or vintage. These items can add a touch of personality and style to any home, and they're sure to be appreciated by a dad who loves unique things.

Here are a few ideas for gifts for creative dads:

  • Antique Book: If your dad loves to read, he'll appreciate a gift of a book. You can get him a new release, a classic, or even a book about his favourite hobby. Or a rare book / first edition as an investment piece.
  • Musical Instrument: If your dad loves music, he'll appreciate a gift of a musical instrument. You can get him a guitar, a banjo, or even a harmonica. If he is not very good the also be prepared to receive some verbal abuse from anyone els in his household!
  • Vintage Leather Case: A vintage leather suitcase is a stylish and practical gift for the creative dad who appreciates timeless fashion. These well-crafted bags exude sophistication and provide a touch of nostalgia. Your father can use it to carry his travel essentials or as a fab storage piece for hiding his messy man cave stuff.
  • Art Supplies: If your dad is an artist, he'll appreciate a gift of art supplies. You can get him a set of paints, brushes, or even a subscription to an art magazines.
  • Retro Vinyl Records: If he is a music lover or an avid collector, surprise him with some retro vinyl records. From classic rock to jazz, these records provide a rich and authentic sound experience that digital formats often can't replicate. Help your dad rediscover his favourite tunes or introduce him to new artists from the golden age of vinyl.

  • Antique Artwork: Inspire your dad's creative spirit by gifting him a antique artwork piece. Whether it's a painting, a sculpture, or a framed print, antique artwork adds character and depth to any space. Choose a piece that resonates with your dad's interests or opt for a timeless masterpiece that will be appreciated for generations and maybe become an heirloom.


In this gift guide, we've curated a selection of captivating items from The Urban Vintage Affair's collection, specifically tailored to suit the taste and style of artistic and unconventional dads. Let's explore the perfect antique and vintage gifts for the extraordinary father figure in your life.


Antique & Vintage Treasures For Creative Dads

From Top left:

The Director Penny - Antique Copper Ale Mull. This vessel once used to rapidly warm, ale, beer, cider, and wine on an open fire. Traditional way to drink these beverages. £147

The Mixologist Femi - Vintage Kodak Box Camera. £28

The Director Amanda - Antique Persian Qalamdan, Inkwell & Pen Case £150

The Director Katie - Victorian Wooden Handle Corkscrew £20 -£25

Coat of Arms Artwork - An original antique hand painted watercolour gouache painting of family coat of arms. A hand coloured steel engraving, Armitage Family Crest. Dates 1800c. - £100

Antique Silver Folding Fruit Knives - We have an awesome collection of antique silver and mother of pearl folding fruit knives and forks. Truly charming selection to choose from. £60 -£125

The Goth Dimitri - Vintage Leather Vanity Travel Carry Case. This vintage leather vanity bottles travel case. will hold up to 6 bottles and made with pigs skin leather £100

The Mixologist Dawn - Unusual Antique Silver Vesta. Art Deco silver vesta case. A stunning silver case, with beautifully simple engine turned decoration and unusual slide opening £120

The Goth Frankie - Vintage Brown Leather Suitcase. Handmade luxury brown leather suitcase. Beautifully crafted for storing or traveling. £197


These are just a few ideas for antique and vintage gifts for creative dads. With a little thought, you can find the perfect gift to show your dad how much you care.

Still need more ideas? then head to our collection page Gifts For Creative Men and browse thorough our wider selection of fabulous vintage and antique pieces we have selected for the creative men in your life.


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