Best Ways To Clean Your Heavily Tarnished Antique Silver

Best Ways To Clean Your Heavily Tarnished Antique Silver

Are you looking for the best ways to clean tarnished antique silver? There are several options to choose from, including chemical products and natural methods.

Here are some cleaning techniques using chemical products, including some effective brands for the chemical methods:

  • Silver polish: This is a product that is specifically designed to clean and shine silver. You can find it at most home goods stores, and there are several different brands to choose from. Some popular options include Hagerty Silver Polish, Goddard's Silver Polish, Wright's Silver Cream and Silvo Tarnish Guard. To use silver polish, simply apply a small amount to a soft cloth and buff it onto the silver in a circular motion. Be sure to read the instructions on the packaging for specific usage instructions.
  • Silver dip: This is a chemical solution that is specifically designed to remove tarnish from silver. To use a silver dip, you'll need to dip your silver into the solution for a few seconds, then remove it and rinse it off with water. Some popular brands of silver dip include Twinkle Silver Dip and Connoisseurs Precious Metal Jewellery Cleaner. As with any chemical product, be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging carefully.



Here are some effective cleaning techniques using natural remedies:

  • Baking soda paste: To make a paste using baking soda and water, simply mix together equal parts baking soda and water to form a thick paste. Apply the paste to the silver and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it off with water and dry it off with a soft cloth. This method is great for removing tarnish and giving the silver a nice shine.
  • White vinegar and aluminium foil: To use this method, place the silver in a bowl lined with aluminium foil, then fill the bowl with hot water and add a few tablespoons of white vinegar. The tarnish will transfer from the silver to the aluminium foil, leaving your silver looking shiny and new. Be sure to handle the aluminium foil gently, as it can be easily torn.

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How to clean your antique silver

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