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  • The Most Awesome Eggs

    Eggs are not just for Easter. So here are the best and most awesome  ones we have come across. With some help from our social media followers I ha...
  • Behind The Brand - Researching Is Just As Important As The Sourcing

    While always having a passion for antiques, my life before now was spent working with amazing brands in men’s and women’s wear, surf wear, high end...
  • The Affairs Of The Groom George

    WRITTEN BY JOHN TUTTLE  The Groom George a Silver Egg Coddler with eagle finial   Upon four dainty, curved limbs the bulk of my frame stands, ere...
  • 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Valentines Day

    Incase you missed our recent Facebook posts, here are all of our top 10 Interesting historic facts you didn’t know about Valentine’s Day. We all k...
  • The Affairs Of Alexandre The Pimp

    Written by Stephen Leroux The Pimp Alexandre, a pair of key hole escutcheons. He measures 9.5cm x 2.25cm. French from the 1900 to 1909   Alexandre...
  • The Impressive Cheeseboard

    For anyone following Veganuary I apologies. but I want to inspire everyone else this #CheeseLoversDay on 20th January. This is an image of th...
  • The Ultimate Introduction To Sustainable Fashion pt2

    Living and Working A Sustainable Fashion Life  - Understanding and Creating a Brand First of all, we need to understand the word sustainable it’s m...
  • The Ultimate Introduction To Sustainable Fashion

    Living and working a sustainable fashion life - The London Event
  • Be Inspired With Our #SustainableGiftGuide

    Give something different that makes a difference this Christmas? We have selected some of our favourites items from friends of The Urban Vintage Affair all suitable for anyone looking to support a sustainable lifestyle.


  • Celebrate As We Turn One !

    What have we done and how are we celebrating?
  • Spooky Moment

    Halloween Special I thought what can I do to make this season more memorable, spooky and fun for you? So here it is, pure spooky entertainment of spiritual antique appraisals, ‪scary stories, ghost hunting ‬and true stories‬.


  • Interview With A Dealer

    Super chuffed to have the iconic Judith Miller talk to The Urban Vintage Affair