Guest Judge For Biz Bubble Awards 2024



2022 Television Appearance - The Great Antiques Challenge - Ricochet Productions


Guest Judge For Biz Bubble Awards 2023


2021 - 2023  Television Appearance - Salvage Hunters  Season 5, 6 - Curve Media


Guest Judge For Biz Bubble Awards 2022 


2019 - 2021 Television Appearance - The Bidding Room Season 1 to 4 - Ricochet Productions

Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner 

I'm over the moon, sun and stars to win #SBS Small Business Sunday, which was created by Theo Paphitis from Dragons Den. Each week, Theo rewards small businesses that describe their business in one tweet including the all-important hashtag #SBS. Here is my winning tweet.

The re-tweet from Theo has resulted in my followers increasing by over 400 people, many of whom run small business, increase in client base and many more friendships.

Jacqueline Gold  #WOW Winner 

I acquired the badge Winner Of Wednesday #WOW award. Founded by Jacqueline Gold CBE, WOW Championing Working Women is an organisation that represents the interests of women in the UK who work.  Initially set up to recognise the achievements of, and support, women starting their own businesses through the #WOW twitter competition, the growth and needs of the network has led Jacqueline to develop the WOW offering. I am super chuffed to be awarded this for the brand. Here is my winning tweet.


 #QueenOf Winner 

I am proud to be a Winner of 'Queen of Preserving Tradition'.  I won't let my newly appointed royal status get to my head. I made up the title there and then as I was entering my tweet. Just thought that 'Queen Of Antiques' just sounded uncool and way to grannish.  

So #QueenOf and #KingOf days takes place on Twitter with Andy Quinn @ADG_IQ. The Royal Connection was started by Aqua Design Group as a fun way to celebrate women in business with the #QueenOf day competition which was weekly during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, this proved so popular that the competition has continued ever since. This was then expanded to include a #KingOf day weekly competition to celebrate men in business and to include an additional award called #OrderOfFabulous to reward those that are supporting the competitions and its entrants. So I still have a higher royal award to aim for. Here is my winning tweet

#SmartSocial Winner 

I am also very proud to be a Winner of Smart Social award.  Each Sunday morning between 9 – 12 companies Tweet to @SmartSocialUK  on Twitter ‘how we use Social Media in our business’
I submitted my tweet one Sunday morning and didn't realise until late that afternoon I had won. The organisers run through the entries to find out the best and most innovative use of social media to award a business the #SmartSocial Award. #SmartSocial hashtag is now recognised on Twitter and is used for whenever a company wants a reTweet from them and of course, every Sunday morning to enter for the award!
The #SmartSocial Award launched on Twitter in May 2012 as part of a drive to help micro and SME businesses. Here is my wining tweet. 

Each of these honours have links to amazing platforms of entrepreneurs and business owners to network with. All in all will be great for myself and the business moving forward. Fingers crossed!
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Natasha x