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  • The Ultimate Introduction To Sustainable Fashion pt2

    Living and Working A Sustainable Fashion Life  - Understanding and Creating a Brand First of all, we need to understand the word sustainable it’s m...
  • The Ultimate Introduction To Sustainable Fashion

    Living and working a sustainable fashion life - The London Event
  • Be Inspired With Our #SustainableGiftGuide

    Give something different that makes a difference this Christmas? We have selected some of our favourites items from friends of The Urban Vintage Affair all suitable for anyone looking to support a sustainable lifestyle.


  • Celebrate As We Turn One !

    What have we done and how are we celebrating?
  • Spooky Moment

    Halloween Special I thought what can I do to make this season more memorable, spooky and fun for you? So here it is, pure spooky entertainment of spiritual antique appraisals, ‪scary stories, ghost hunting ‬and true stories‬.


  • Interview With A Dealer

    Super chuffed to have the iconic Judith Miller talk to The Urban Vintage Affair
  • Social Media Awards To Share

    We are keen contributors to all main social media platforms and continue to support as spread the word to our creative customers #LookAtAntiquesDifferently See our recent awards which acknowledge our hard work on social media, mainly twitter.


  • Patterned Plants #TrendBlog

    These ones are real but not all need watering.

  • Art & Antique Fair Olympia

    It's Hot and It's On: We meet the dealers and items which supports the trends in art and antiques

  • Here Is Our Brand Video

    I would like to introduce to you the brand video for The Urban Vintage Affair.
  • Behind The Brand - How I started

    You now know why, so here is how I started working on the brand

  • Faux Foliage #TrendBlog

    It's ok to have dozens of stunning florals displays and sleep in a room with far too many plants when they are not real.