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Victorian Used Sketchbook, Autograph Book, Notebook

Victorian Used Sketchbook, Autograph Book, Notebook

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Unique antique autograph book, with several hand illustrations, text from various people and lots of historic references  

Leather cover book in antique condition with some foxing on pages and detached front cover.

Inside the book are pages of various quotes, poems, affirmations, pen sketches, water colours and along will pencil sketches, water colours and doodles dating mainly from 1893 to 1898. Many sheets are signed and dated . A true insight into life at the time for its original owner and the contributors which would have been friends and family.

Many treasures, writing and images to discover inside this book with some autographs and blank pages.

Charming and rare find for a Victorian book.

Collect these rare antique books for creative reference as well as decor styling and historical research projects

This book has a lot of age and dates Edwardian

Wonderful and inspiring book. add to cart to own this original piece of creative history. 


Width:  17.5cm   Height: 20.5cm   Depth 2cm

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