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The Sommelier Tate - Sustainable Paper Waste Pencils With Sustainable Container

The Sommelier Tate - Sustainable Paper Waste Pencils With Sustainable Container

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Tate is our eco friendly newspaper waste pencils

We have started working with a sustainable product manufacture to supply us with a product that replaces new wood by recycling newspaper waste. These pencils are hard as wood and so this is us doing our bit to save the planet. Small changes and 100% wood-free.

Based on the material and process, these pencils may vary in surface design and colour.

Each pencil is handmade from newspaper waste

Approx 17cm long

Works just like a normal pencil, no special use

Made with waste that would have otherwise been put in landfill or burned

These pencils will come with a varied collection of especially sourced sustainable containers, including some glass silver top containers  

£40 Glass and Sterling Silver Holder: 10 Unsharpened pencils in a antique crystal cut vase with sterling silver collar. Some small dings on the silver setting. Maker H. BROS Harman Brothers. Hallmarked Birmingham 1925

SOLD -  Glass Case: 8 sharpened pencils inside antique glass vanity jar, with silver plate lid. Faceted glass in very good used condition for age. The glass is free from cracks and chips.  There is some old patina around the rim. 

SOLD -  Bamboo Case: 5 Unsharpened Pencils inside a new lidded natural toothbrush holder. Made from natural bamboo. Carefully handmade, to create a perfect environmentally friendly bamboo tube. Can be recycled, environmentally friendly.

SOLD -  Silver Plate Holder: 5 Unsharpened pencils in a vintage silver plate vase. Diamond cut star pattern around the top. Some internal patina. 

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