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The Sergeant Lor - Antique African Birthing Chair

The Sergeant Lor - Antique African Birthing Chair

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An authentic African birthing chair dating from the early 20th century,

Wooden with hand carved detailing, which shows figures performing domestic chores in a village

This chair dismantles into two sections, making it easy to dismantle and transport. The 2 part chair with a slotted back rest and arched floor leg seat.

Most are associated with Western Africa and countries such as Nigeria The religious and medical practises are pretty much entwined in the culture,
the squatting position has religious overtones, as the contact with the earth indicates fertility.

These chairs are usually no more than 8-10 inches off the ground so that the
woman could brace her feet on the ground to assist with pushing.

This chair is considered as a family heirloom and passed down through the
family line. The back is carved with the letters OKY which might have been the family name.

The overall condition is good and original. A great piece for anyone that is looking to put a rustic flare to their home.

Can be collected from London

Back length is 119cm x 64cm width

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