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The Mixologist Francis - Antique Silver Card Case

The Mixologist Francis - Antique Silver Card Case

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Francis is a silver calling card case / cigarette case, 

He is a stunning sterling silver, with the loveliest  engraved work of flowers, acanthus leaves, swirls and honeycomb engine turning within which enhances the design, very skilfully done and effective work.  

The case of slightly rounded curved form to sit in a front jacket pocket and slim so it would be unnoticeable.

C L are the letters monogramed on the heart shape cartouche. however this is barely readable due to the swirls of the font.

He has a good weight to him

Francis has a press hinge opening and closure and internal is gold guilt internal lining.

Maker is D F  which is Deakin & Francis

Sterling silver hallmarks Birmingham 1894

Has minor wear along his edges commensurate with used and his age.


Length  9cm

Width 7cm

Depth 2cm

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