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The Director Cindy - Antique Chinese Silver Water Dropper

The Director Cindy - Antique Chinese Silver Water Dropper

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Cindy is a rare small silver vessel used in East Asian calligraphy as a container designed to hold water.

She is a small and heavy silver vessel with a small top opening and spout 

The top of the vessel has script symbols which are Baguo ('bah-gwaa'), the 'eight locations' of Chinese Feng Shui.

Made in Chinese silver with textured bamboo design around the body            

Dates 1880 -1890

Cindy is used to make ink, a few drops of water are dropped onto the surface of an inkstone by adjusting the amount of water needed to prepare your ink when writing Japanese or Chinese calligraphy. Or can be used to dilute ready Ink and wash painting.


Height 4cm   Width 6.5cm   Depth 5cm

Weight 253 grams

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