Unique Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

Unique Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

 Gift buying is hard enough as it is let alone having to think outside the box, in order to figure out what that 'difficult to shop for person' will like from you. Discover something they won’t be expecting with our fabulous range of gift  ideas for that annoying person who has everything. 
The kind of gifts they will like are the ones that are random, things they would never think of buying for themselves. Also something they'll actually use and love.
1.  Personal Colour Analysis To Make Them Feel & Look Amazing - £99
Online Personal Colour Analysis at Radiance by Helena
A Personal Colour Analysis will help them to discover which colours will make them look and feel utterly fabulous every single day. Encouraging to you wear the best colours for your own individual colouring to look amazing and feel amazing.
This is based on a set of clear photographs and questionnaires sent via email. The client receives a full 10 page report of personal colour analysis which includes a final colour study, your digital colour palette and an colour combination ideas for outfits to suit personal colouring, which includes details on their seasonal colour palette, their WOW colours, which colours to avoid, best accessories colours, glasses colours, hair colour (If they colour it!).

2.  Nesting Dolls To Hide Their Possessions In Plain Sight - £75
A set of three hand painted sheep nesting dolls painted by Scottish artist, Elle Carling in her Elbri Studio in Edinburgh. The dolls are made from Lime, a wood traditionally used for marionette and puppet making. Each set of dolls takes a number of hours to complete and no two sets are identical. Practical unique art. 
3. Irish Dogs Terrier Decanter Wherever They Have A Dog Or Not - £195
This beaut you will find in the Waterford Collection of 'Irish Dogs' Certainly different right?!  part of a quality selection of crystal barware range dedicated to Ireland’s best-known breeds. The unique crystal cutting pattern, reminiscent of a dog’s claw, radiates from the base and unites other barware pieces in this striking and innovative collection creating a very special gift for dog lovers everywhere. Or if there are unable to have a dog, well now they can. 
4.  Train Set in a Suitcase To Release Their Inner Child And Play - Bespoke 
These are pretty cool working model railways sets inside vintage suitcases, all  hand built by Suitcase Trains. This team who hunt down vintage suitcases at antique stores ready for commissions, offering either small cases or larger steamer trunks. Sizes do vary as each case is as unique as the build.
Track packs are supplied so you can control the direction of the engine and coaches and the speed via the gauge master controller. The track and engines hardware are sourced from independent train model shops. All product and details are handmade working from an empty suitcase through to the finished end product. Cases vary in size and materials but they are all vintage. Some are as early as 1920 and the latest is 1970. The Leather suitcase used tend to be the 1930 to 1940.
5. Antique Miniature Decanter For Expensive Cognac At Dinner Parties - £72
This unique set is named 'The Artist Cullen' a surprisingly miniature yet functional serving set. Consisting of small decanter with removable and secure lid. Set of 4 matching goblets, plus a pewter and glass round tray. Truly a talking point that would be a smile on the receivers face.
This vintage device is amazing and has just been launched in our online store. It's a coin operated fortune telling machine.You drop the coin in the top hole and wait for the dial to spin and stop on the circular fortune text on the face. This is a fun and functional ready to motivate and predict your day. Unusual yet truly unique gift.
7. Contemporary Clock Just  Because It's Cool And Useful - £225
The Obsidian Nixie clock made by Bad Dog Designs. This awesome clock uses six original cold war Nixie tubes to display the time and date. The tubes were the forerunner of the modern day LED and LCD displays and use the glow of neon gas to create the orange coloured digits. A very unusual clock, all handmade and will never be mass produced or found on the high street due to the limited availability of the original tubes, they will only ever be an artisan product and made in small numbers. The tubes themselves will last for approx 20 years, they do not get hot and do not burn out. 
The Obsidian is a contemporary design mixing modern laser cut acrylics with a vintage 1950's display technology to create an eye catching clock which is a guaranteed ticking talking point.

This plant is by Bloom Faux Flower and Plants. Amazing and popular gift idea however the real one are so difficult to look after. So this particular orchid is ideal as it is typically blooming in hot conditions so this stunning triple phalaenopsis will bloom all year round and fit into in any interior setting. When the sunlight streaming through a window gives the petals a wonderful translucent glow. 'Growing' in a moss-filled glass bowl, it provides a spectacular image of summer that lasts.  


9. Personalised Tours Which Can Make Them Cry....In A Good Way - Bespoke  
Norfolk-Tours is a bespoke tour company, putting together tailored tours for people who have an idea about what they would like to do and see, but have no idea how to arrange it all. Covering all of mainland UK and catering for individuals as well as small groups, plus they can arrange bespoke coach tours for larger parties too.  These are bespoke tours, taking people to the places where their ancestors lived, others are looking at a specific subject or following a particular hobby. After adding to what they already know through their own researches, the tours are tailored the to requirements from two up to ten days. This is a thoughtful service where everything is arranged from the moment guest are picked them up, to when dropped off. These tours have said to be a very emotional trip for people and where guests may need tissues.
Accommodation is always in small, locally owned, b&b's or Inns and meals are taken in independent, local establishments as visitors are provided with real food and real experiences. 
Vintage style stopper  its an unique and useful item.
made form quality silver plate by renowned silversmith Mappin and Webb.  This silver plated Champagne stopper reinterprets the traditional cork and cage, and features the Mappin & Webb mark on the top. This sophisticated stopper is the perfect adornment for any opened bottle of champagne.
11. Antique Silver Fold Fruit Knife Stylish Mango Slicer from £35
Antique Mother of Pearl Silver bladed folding fruit knives are an interesting choice of gift  for the person who has everything and needs nothing. Small and compact to fit in the wallet. Each is a stunning antique showing real history handmade craftsmanship. The mother of pearl handles, solid sterling silver hallmarked and dated blades. Search 'Fold Fruit Knife' in our website The Urban Vintage Affair Or here on Vinterior 
12.  Vintage Indian Stone Bowl For Muti Purpose Use - £102
An easy to stye piece of homeware sold by Vinterior 

This lovely large Indian sandstone bowl is natural hand caved from Northern India which were originally used as everyday vessels. In a stylish homes they can be used for a range of uses, such as a centre piece on the family table, a bathroom dish or a fruit bowl. 

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