A Sustainable Coffee Affair

A Sustainable Coffee Affair

Be Inspired by brewing quality sustainable coffee at home whilst serving in our caffein friendly antiques as part of your morning and evening coffee routine. If you don't have a coffee routine yet then open your mind to learn more of this trending ceremony. These antiques and coffee will fuel your creative mind.

To celebrate #InternationalCoffeeDay on the 1st October, The Urban Vintage Affair have teamed up with a fellow #SBS winner Dog and Hat to share and inspire you to have to a more sustainable and creative love of coffee.

Dog and Hat 

This brand have created a unique Coffee Lovers Subscription Club where you can receive some of the best speciality coffee from a variety of independent roasters delivered to your door.

Dog and Hats goal is to provide people with a varied selection of top quality coffees that UK roasters have to offer. Like our brand Dog and Hat take environmental responsibility seriously, as they don't make fancy printed bespoke boxes or glossy leaflets and they only use recycled and reusable materials when packaging up their orders.

Dog and Hat also supports a charity each year as they believe that giving back to the community is an important part of doing business right.

Dog and Hat only chooses roasters that understand the need for ethical sourcing of beans. This means complete traceability for the beans they use and a fair deal for the farming communities that grow them.

Coffee & Antiques

The Urban Vintage Affair are proud to say Dog and Hat are our new friends. We have collaborated together to share with you our love for the new trend of coffee ceremony, serving of a cold brew (scroll to the bottom) and the stylish preparation of a good coffee roast.

Discover our selection of inspiring sustainable roast coffee prepared in stylish antique coffee pots. Served in handmade ceramic vessels with a favourite must have antique coffee spoons and Florentine trays.

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Coffee available from Dog and Hat
Bedding by The Flax Sack


Coffee Ritual

#Ritual Coffee drives habit, it creates ritual, which in turn can create space. 

Coffee is a ritual to many people, in the mornings especially on the weekends. Far and beyond the just sitting down for a coffee. Some people lay out their coffee for the day in their kitchen. Starting with selection your coffee choice then inhaling the aromas of freshly grinding your roast beans in a vintage coffee mill.

To brew a filter coffee, you use a gooseneck kettle, a cup and a V60 pourer. Our Vintage version will be The Punk Kieran 

A morning coffee ritual is can be part of your self care routine, it's time to stop thinking and be IN the moment when grinding and brewing and inhaling for a good 15 to 20 mins. The whole ritual can allow you to use and awaken all your 5 senses. When drinking is gives you time to reflect and plan and get excited for your day ahead. 

#Mindfulness - Take time to enjoy coffee, take time to enjoy with your thoughts.

#Brain - Coffee is known to enhance brain power, so get drinking! 


Coffee bean vials are used every day by some coffee lovers. Where you can prepare your measures and favourite roast and blends. On average a single espresso shot of 8 grams will have 71 coffee beans and a double espresso shot of 16 grams will have 142 coffee beans. Which each vile could be prepared with. Our various size vintage glass containers are perfect coffee vials for your coffee preparation.
#Beethoven This genius loved coffee and insisted each cup be made with exactly 60 beans, who knew? 
Recycle, Reuse & Sustainability
The coffee industry has a strong focus on re-use, at the customer side we are breaking away from using take away cups, we have cafes only accepting re-usable cups, and one café that uses just mugs you can return and replace. The roaster themselves now send coffee to cafes in reusable tubs instead of bags and some allow you to take your own jar to fill up. #reuse Always carry a re-usable cup or flask 


Lets Make A Cold Brew

First things first i just learnt that iced coffee is not cold brew. If you want to make iced coffee, it’s a simple process. Pour some cold water or milk into your espresso and add some ice cubes. Ta da!

Cold-brew, however, is a little like baking – it requires you to follow a recipe, and then wait a while so that it can do its thing. These instructions whilst using traditional vintage or modern wares.

1. Firstly coarse ground your beans. Preferably in style with a vintage coffee grinder

2. Add the freshly ground coffee beans into a vintage coffee pot or modern cafetiere. Measure 1:5 coffee to water. Using filtered water is preferable as it results in a better tasting coffee.

3. Steep for 15 hours at room temperature. For this reason, it’s usually best to make cold brew in the evening and leave overnight. It’s also alright to put it in the fridge, just give it an extra couple hours to brew.

4. Once the 15 (or so) hours are up, pour the cold brew from the coffee pot into a bottle/ jug to store. Run the coffee through a paper filter in a V60 for a cleaner brew.

5. Chill and when ready pour into a stylish vessel and dilute to taste. Add milk, or water or both at a ratio of 1:1 and pour over some ice cubes.

The cold brew should last anywhere from a few days to a week if stored in a refrigerator. Enjoy your cold brew !

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