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Vintage Tibetan Prayer Drum On A Stand

Vintage Tibetan Prayer Drum On A Stand

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Tibetan Drum As Seen On The Bidding Room

Originally designed and crafted for ceremonial events in Tibet, this colourful drum is a beautiful reflection of Tibetan art and culture. The top head of the hanging drum and the sides feature a stunning hand painted dancing dragons and floral composition on the drums and on both side of the wooden frame. The dragon - an auspicious symbol of power in Chinese culture.

When struck, the drum sends a magnificent sound, a very calming relaxing sound comes from this piece.

Not merely a drum or decorative piece, it is large enough to function as a small table if needed.

Completely hand-made and painted by Tibetan artisans. This is one-of-a-kind item to treasure.

In east Asia, gongs continued to be symbols of mysticism and good fortune. Those used by Buddhists for sacred purposes were inscribed with the Mandarin symbols Tai Loi, symbolising the arrival of happiness. They were used in temples and palaces, private homes and public places.

This elegant hanging drum in today’s market, perhaps however still function to use as its original purpose,

Condition is very good with wear and patina due to age and use.

Beautiful from every angle.

Dates Mid Century 


Width 88cm x Height 125cm

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