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The Punk James - Antique Silver Push Pour Teapot

The Punk James - Antique Silver Push Pour Teapot

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James is a silver plate tea pot with plump, rounded body

He is a classic feminine designed tea pot with a twist, with an unusual self pouring mechanism. He has a detachable plunge weighted lid, where the air pressure draws out the liquid when pushed down.

He is silver plate teapot, brilliantly polished.

He is heavy weight, with ribbed spout and handle, an unusual scalloped edge opening and ebony finial.

Inside James has an stainer so you can add tealeaves directly into the pot

The maker is James Dixon & Sons.

It has a clear markings on the underside dating this patented 1886.

James is ready to use with any liquid including spirit, be creative with your end use. 

Fabulous and rare functional piece


W: 13cm H: 17cm D: 21cm

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