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The Punk Carolyn - Antique Silver Simply Perfect Teapot

The Punk Carolyn - Antique Silver Simply Perfect Teapot

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Carolyn is an unusual and rare silver plate teapot.

She has a domed top with half a removable lid covering the teapot. Her lid is constructed so that it cannot fall off when the pot is tilted forward. Inside, in the upper part of the teapot, there is a pierced removable tray across the pot, forming an infuser compartment to hold the tea.

The design allows the tea to brew in the infuser compartment as the pot lays at an angle backward on its extra feet which looks like a ledge.

The tea leaves sit on top on the pieced infuser compartment which separates the dry tea leaves from the hot water. Only when the teapot is tilted backwards to rest on the two ledge legs at the back is the hot water allowed to pass through the perforations and onto the tea leaves. Once the tea is brewed, the teapot is stood upright again ready to be poured through the conventional spout. The separation of the used tea leaves from the prepared tea prevents over brewing.

Carolyn has a high looped handle

Carolyn is silver plate teapot, brilliantly polished, with a few sign of plate ware and scratched due to use. 

She is heavy weight, 

Although unmarked her maker is possibly James Dixon & Sons. who was the maker of silver versions following the production of the porcelain ones by Wedgwood. The concept for the design of this teapot was first patented by B H Cochrane in 1901

Dates 1902c

Fabulous and rare functional piece

Be creative with your end use.

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