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The Mixologist Gordon - Antique Bronze Betel Nut Container

The Mixologist Gordon - Antique Bronze Betel Nut Container

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Gordon is a handmade Indian box

This is a true gem for collectors of Asian antiques. Made of bronze, this rare find is around the 1800s. Used for storing betel bird limes, this is the body of the container without lid. A cord would have been looped through the holes to secure the missing lid.  It is in remarkable condition for its age with intricate pierced details and textured body. 

Tactile sculpture crafts dating 19th each piece unique.

In original condition, unpolished with lost of bronze patina

Enjoy this craftsmanship as a true work of art and a testament to the rich cultural heritage of India

Betel Nut Box

Containers that were greatly used throughout Indian from the 18th century as this one were made in a variety of shapes, often with floral and bird decoration. These boxes were used to store pan, edible leaves wrapped with lime paste, betel nuts and spices.

Sold Separately 


Option 1 - Height:  11cm   Width:  4.5cm    Depth: 5cm

Option 2 - Height:  9.5cm   Width:  5.5cm    Depth: 10cm

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