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The Mixologist Femi - Vintage Kodak Box Camera

The Mixologist Femi - Vintage Kodak Box Camera

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Femi is a vintage Kodak Box No.2 Brownie Model F

Leatherette covered metal box 

Untested so selling as a display / storage item 

Great gift idea film or photographer enthusiast. Clean and tidy inside and out.

The No.2 Brownie is significant in that it was the first camera to use 120 roll film. It started production being made of leatherette covered card and, from 1924, changed to a metal box. A very simple camera with a very dependable shutter shutter. It has two sliding mechanisms on the top, one for a bulb, or time setting, and the other for a choice of 3 apertures. It also has two small reflecting finders for vertical or horizontal shots. - curtesy of

Be creative with your end use


Width: 7.5cm    Height: 10cm   Length: 14cm



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