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The Groom Heidi - Victorian Silver Egg Coddler with Hen Finial

The Groom Heidi - Victorian Silver Egg Coddler with Hen Finial

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Heidi he is an English silver Princes plate egg coddler.

Her body is smooth and has an raise rib detailing towards the base off the vessel

She has an hen finial and impressive detailed dragon spiral legs

She also contains the egg rack 

Marked 0972 at base

Has beautiful silver plate finish

She dates 1900c.

Today this is a usable piece for all who enjoys serving eggs for breakfast, even a fabulous way to present boiled, scramble and poached eggs at brunch!

Alternatively use to burn wax melts

Add water and some essential oil and burn it with a tea light.

Serving treats - fill with cashew nuts, jellybeans or any of your favourite snacks.

Use it as a centrepiece for special occasions, or just plant some mint in it.

Discover more about The Groom George in this exclusive short story Read

All egg coddler orders will receive detailed instructions on how to perfectly cook your eggs in one of these amazing devices. 

Heidi fits and presents nicely into our Large Leather Display Box sold separately


W: 13cm H: 22cm D: 13cm

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