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The Director Walter - Antique Large Wafer Seal Stamp

The Director Walter - Antique Large Wafer Seal Stamp

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The Director Warren is an antique wafer seal stamp.

A large wooden treen bulbous stamp that is used to create an impression into paper wafer seals.

Victorian era paste, wafer seals were made of flour, water and pigments, dried into discs, and used to seal letters before the invention of gummed envelopes. You'd wet them and press them between the flaps of your letters. Often a waffle-pattern seal was used to press them together. They are usually found in a circle shape this s an unusual and rare square shape

The base seal is in brass and has a cross hatch pointed surface which looks life a wafer cracker

Use these for decorate effect, on clay, dough, polycromb, leather


Length:  12cm   Dia: 4cm

Metal Seal: 2cm x 2cm

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