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The Director Julian - Holy & Prayer Books

The Director Julian - Holy & Prayer Books

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The Director Julian is a selection of antique and vintage holy book

Editions from the 1960s These are in good used condition.

Collect theses for decor styling as to use as coffee table coasters, or use as originally intended. 

Exorcism, Blessings, Weddings, Sunday Service, Christening, Cleansing, Banishing, Praying, Slaying 

Various options available and priced based on print edition and rarity.  

Sold Separately 


Pastor in Parochia 1914 - Width: 10.5cm   Height:  16.5cm

Common Prayer 1908 - Width:  7.5cm   Height:  11.6cm

Holly Communion 1919 - Width:   10cm   Height:  14.5cm

Common Prayer Lux 1870c - Width:  6.5cm   Height:  10cm

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