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The Director Jones - Large Black Tea Brick

The Director Jones - Large Black Tea Brick

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Jones is a lovely decorative compresses Hubei Tea brick

His design of a temple on one side and revers with geometric sections 

Tea bricks were and still are, made by pressing hundreds of layers of whole or finely ground tea leaves that have been packed into moulds and then pressed into bricks and fermented

Traditionally tea was compressed into bricks for easy storage and transportation on horse or camel, each having individual marks of regions or makers. Tea bricks were made into drink and were also used in the past as a form of currency. 

Jones protruding carved designed is approx 2cm thick

Jones is a charming and characterful traditional tea block, this would make a unique decorative item for the wall and shelf

He is believed to be Chinese Tea from the Hubei Province of China

The method traditionally used for brewing tea from a tea brick was to roast a piece over a flame until it turned reddish. The piece of brick was then crumbled, boiled and brewed into a pot.

Be creative with your end use.


Height: 12cm     Width: 19cm    Depth: 2cm

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