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The Director James - Georgian Papier Mache Face Screen

The Director James - Georgian Papier Mache Face Screen

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James is a pair of Georgian handmade antique face screens.

Often mistaken for fans, face screens were quite widespread in the 19th Century

Each of his fans has a decorative scalloped edging, 

James's papier-mâché panels have a shaped edge and are black lacquered and have a hand painted decoupage decoration with colourful flowers, animals and foliage. His backs are in an aged paper print.

Turned barley twisted oak wood handles, with a short slight hairline crack.

Face screens were originally used to shield the face from heat from a fire or stove, this had a dual purpose to it, one being preventing a red flush to the skin which would be considered unbecoming, the second was to prevent the thick white makeup used by ladies in the Georgian and Victorian era from 'melting' in the heat. 

Screen fans are said to be the oldest recorded style of fan with roots dating way back to 13th century and taking inspiration from palm leaves or bird wings.

Condition of James has some good with some wear to the edges and pin holes in the corners previously used for wall display. 

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Length 39cm x  Width 24cm

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