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The Director Bella - Vintage Propagation Station

The Director Bella - Vintage Propagation Station

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The Director Bella is a vintage rustic and delightful seed tray with glass valve bottles 

She is a painted wooden rack She is of simple yet clever construction of holes in a block of wood in a primitive and rustic style. 

She has 10 matching open top glass bottles 

Originally used for rooting and propagation of plant cuttings and seeds

Bella is very usable piece today which is still perfect for display or storage
Hold beads, stones, bottle of essential oils, lip balms, nail colour, lipsticks candlesticks

She is in vintage condition with some cracks and chips throughout but also in sturdy condition and free from wood worm. 

Be creative with your end use.


Tray 35cm x 18cm x 5cm
Tray Hole diameter 3cm
Glass tube 6.2cm 2.5cm 

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