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The Director Albert - Antique Ship Navigation Lights

The Director Albert - Antique Ship Navigation Lights

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Albert is an impressive set of three ships navigation lamps

He is in different but similar shapes. Made from Copper with iron fixtures and brass decorative detailing.

Each has a working door to gain easy access inside the lamp.

These lamps would have had a specific use or purpose for navigating a large boat or ship. Navigation  lamps:   port,   starboard, stern and masthead lamps indicate which direction a vessel is heading and this helps to prevent collisions at sea but some lamps were just used  for  lighting.  

These are now purely for decoration, but could still be converted into modern working feature lamps for home decor styling. Lots of potential with these pieces

Few scratches to the body with patina throughout, all the glass is free from cracks or chips. 

Albert date 1900-1920

One of the has red internal glass whilst he other two are clear transparent glass 

Albert is sold separately 


Height 20cm  x  Width 20cm 

Small one Height 13.5cm  x  Width 13cm 

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