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Antique Copper Printing Plate of Cutlery

Antique Copper Printing Plate of Cutlery

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Take a look at the wonderful antique etched copper printing plate of cutlery for John Wilson’s catalogue

Copper plate on wooden block, this was used for the John Wilson’s knives and cutlery catalogue.

I love a good printing plate, on top of being a massive fan of antique cutlery so I think they are absolutely great.

The image detail of this unique block is amazing, image of a boxed antler handle 3 piece meat carving set 

Rare and wonderful item, this block dates 1933

The detail of this unique block is amazing and rare to find a named catalogue piece

Use these unique plates purely for decorate effect and add non glass frame. Or maybe collect a few as a decorative project as wall tiles. Discover some copper printing plate inspiration here

Dimension  Height: 6.2cm    Width: 11.5cm    Depth: 2.5cm

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