Silver & Chocolate Easter

Silver & Chocolate Easter

Our first collaboration with Chocolate and antique silver.

Upgrade Your Easter with Luxury Silver Eggs and Artisan Chocolates 

Choc A Lot is an artisan chocolatier based in the rolling countryside of Lanarkshire, Scotland. Made by hand and infused with flavour, every product is pure luxury.
First served at village fairs in picturesque Clyde Valley, founder Karuna's decadent treats have won fans far and wide. Every bite melts in your mouth, bursting with ingredients both candied and dried.
Enjoy delicious bars and dreamy edibles including Belgian chocolate high heels, alligators and wee gift boxed carraques. Specialised bars have luscious berries, zesty fruits, cloud soft marshmallow, crunchy nuts, creamy coffee - there's a pallet pleaser for everyone including vegan and gluten free bars. Fabulous ! 

To see Choc A Lot's latest creations follow them on Instagram 

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Antique Silver

Used in private homes and across public dining rooms and hotels, antique silver egg coddlers were a desirable table piece for elegant dining. Using an egg boiler or steamer, eggs could be prepared at the table and served hot and fresh to diners.

We have some impressive antique egg coddlers, in antique, silver plate from 19th century silversmiths / makers including William Hutton, Walker & Hall and Mappin and Webb.


We have collated some with plain and simple design others have fabulous hand chasing and embossed decoration. 
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Silver and Chocolate offers are valid until Easter Monday 2nd April 2018

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