Self Love & Better Together Valentines Inspiration

Self Love & Better Together Valentines Inspiration

So think re-loved, pre-loved, loving-once-again, with our selection of antique and vintage gift selection. We celebrate with inspiring Valentines ideas for couples and for singles this year. It's all about finding a matching pair #BetterTogether as well as the curation of stunning single pieces, for self care, self indulgence #SelfLove

#SelfLove For Singles

          1. This small samovar is not for sharing. Add your favourite liquor to serve warm - The Earl Bailey
          2. Have respect for your G&T and squeeze your lemons  with this refined vintage piece - The Duchess Maddison
          3. Upgrade your morning coffee routine and stir in style  - The Headhunter Duncan.
          4. On 4 feet this creamer also stands proudly alone -Master Marcus
          5. Your portion control is looked after not to exceed 1/2 pint - Master Steve
          6. Keep your personal bits stylishly tidied away - The Sommelier Hazel.
          7. Time to create and bottle some infused oil and invite a 'friend' over for dinner -The Artist Roberto  

#BetterTogether For Couples

8.  Take it in turns to fill with fresh flowers every fortnight -The Artist Avery

9.  An evening of cliché  seduction with some oysters - The Headhunter Noel

10.  Be a cute couple with matching shoulder accessories - The Director Sean

11. You can both upgrade your morning coffee routine and match your stirs - The Headhunter Sonny.

12.  Get a fine bottle in and serve in style with these Antique Pink Glasses

13.  Pot a couple of tiny succulents to care for, in these silver vessel - Master Nyle


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