Quarantine Edit - Self Isolators Keep Busy & Safe

Quarantine Edit - Self Isolators Keep Busy & Safe

So the buzz words are Social Distancing, Self Isolation and WFH (working from home) whichever terminology you have adopted then one thing is for sure, some of us need to keep the mind active to avoid boredom or cabin fever kicking in. With online presence even more important than ever to keep us in the loop, to communicate, entertain us and keep us connected with life outside of the four walls.  Not to mention the strive to keep small business afloat, brands like ours rely on the nation to continue support our cause and keep us in business. So here is our quarantine edit to keep you occupied safe and busy at home during this uncertain time. Keep yourself busy, optimistic and insure your online shopping meaningful or at least fun.  


  • Have A Hot Toddy - If you are feeling under the weather, my favourite recipe is to squeeze thick slices or wedges of fresh lemon into a small hot water vessel, add a large teaspoon of Manukau honey, 4 cloves, a measure of whisky or rum. Then fill the rest of the vessel with boiling water. Keep by your bedside and dispense as required. Keep hydrated, but don't get drunk.

  • Stay Cosy - Add some colour into your space with our Cult Interior Collection of Cushions and Throws. A change of home furnishing, pop of colour or just a re styling project for a change of atmosphere in your too familiar surroundings. 
  • Pack Away Your Winter Clothes - Get ready for sun. Might as well prepare for the coming sunshine and start to fold away the jumpers and winter wardrobe. Store in various style vintage suitcases, pile them up insight or slide under your bed. Seriously treat your winter wardrobe with respect and upgrade your storage if it needs it. Line with paper and add lavender spray, pouches to keep annoying moths at bay.
  • Get Your Green Fingers Out - Take cuttings of your house plants and start to create new life in beautiful small pots. It's an easy and therapeutic past time caring for your plants. 

  • Do Some DIY - Give some life any naked keyhole in your home. Have a good look around all doors, cupboards and drawers and see what my need some decorative escutcheon love. 
  • Sketch & Write - Keep a documentation of this time, the things you will learn and experience from social distancing, a few people are making video posts which is a great idea, or if you want to keep more private keep your experience in a special notebook to look back on in years to come.
  • Watch Eggs Boil - Well it's better than watching paint dry! You have plenty of time on your hands now so grab a few tea lights and boil some eggs without using electricity, in one of our traditional antique egg coddlers.

  • Squeeze Some Juice - Have Freshly squeezed orange juice for extra vitamin C to help keep your immune system in tip top condition. Check out our various stylish juicers for manual and traditional hydration.
  • Do Some Crafting - Get creative and do some customisation on your clothes with our traditional military accessories clothing pips. 
  • Make Sloe Gin - I heard it's a slow process wth great results in the end. Decant and share once we can get social again. Don't drink it all to yourself.

  • Make Some Jam - A great past time creating some comforting fruit smells in your home and preserve them in some new handmade containers and storage jars.
  • Relax - Take some time out and make a traditional pot of tea using tea leaves and just be in the moment and enjoy
  • Draw - fabulously or badly, doesn't matter, just get some pencils try and enjoy it. 


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