The Affairs  Of Alexandre The Pimp

The Affairs Of Alexandre The Pimp

Written by Stephen Leroux

The Pimp Alexandre, a pair of key hole escutcheons. He measures 9.5cm x 2.25cm. French from the 1900 to 1909


Alexandre’s two halves rested comfortably in the worn, but well loved, leather satchel of his courier. Ill-accustomed to travel, Alexandre nevertheless remained optimistic that his next stop would ultimately lead to finding his next forever home.

Forever. Such a funny concept. He’d often heard people reference forever, but he’d lasted through the years enough to know that it didn’t mean forever, not exactly, more apt would be a length of time too long to assign a finite stop date. In his younger days, he’d been more naive.

With each passing step of the courier, he heard the chatter of other artefacts in the bag. Most of it was optimistic. Some claimed to be familiar with their courier, having encountered her in the past. They boasted that she only worked with the very best vendors, and that they were all practically assured of landing in good hands. Even in the hardest of times, Alexandre had never totally given up hope. He listened intently as the others reminisced and imagined a likewise happy future.

Pitch dark surrounded Alexandre. He’d been placed in a pocket completely separated from his companions with no light from the outside world peeking through. Accustomed to seeing the world through his keyhole eyes, complete darkness unsettled him.

There were times at the old house in France when it had approached complete darkness, but on clear nights the moon and the stars allowed him to watch over Josephine with one eye, and keep an eye out for approachers who threatened to wake the precious girl from her peaceful sleep.

For many years he had watched over Josephine as she grew from infant, to toddler, to child, to beautiful young woman. Yet at a time when she should have been able to enjoy her life and growing independence most, a shroud enveloped the house and beyond. Her parents were often outside of Josephine’s door. Speaking in fraught whispers. Growing concerns would soon force the family from its home, only to have less hospitable hosts from a neighbouring, but hostile, country take over. Alexandre had been glad Josephine and her family had left the house before bearing witness to the troubles brought upon the home and its surroundings as war settled in.

Before Alexandre had been snatched from his home, he’d hoped to see Josephine again someday. No matter how old she’d grown, he would recognise her. Josephine’s smile would eliminate all passage of time and take Alexandre back to his happiest days. As the bag swayed gently with each of the courier’s steps, the other artefacts had grown quiet. Alexandre began to drift off, dreaming of his next Josephine.

The Setting; Alexandre currently being transported form the seller to my online store, but his is reminiscing about his time with Josephine in France in the mid 1930-1940s. The trouble that forces the family from its home is the German occupation of France in WWII

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Written by Stephen Leroux

Steve Leroux is a US based creative writer, currently  seeking representation for his first completed young adult novel. In his spare time, Steve enjoys learning guitar, playing golf - poorly, grooving to alt rock music, and enjoying life as an avid Boston sports fan and playing amateur chef.
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