How to Master 'Grandmillennial' Style #TrendBlog

How to Master 'Grandmillennial' Style #TrendBlog

Written by Allie D'Almo
2020, though full of mostly bad things, did at least do something right. It officially marked the return of granny-chic and the rise of the ‘Grandmillennial’ which is still a big interior design and decor trend for this 2021. Down with pale walls, bare wood, and Instagram feeds full of white furniture and an impressive succulent plant. No more silly talk of ‘less is more’. Brass got big, as did bamboo, chintz, foxed mirrors and fringing. A rip-roaring party of pattern, texture, and embellishment arrived, and we can’t get enough of it.
Antiques, Interior and Decor of Grandmillennial Styling

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House Beautiful first coined the term ‘Grandmillennial’ to describe a style that blends modern-day design with antique and retro elements. The trend is particularly popular with millennials, but it applies to anyone who enjoys curating antiques, reclaimed furniture and hand-me-downs to make them work in the modern home. Fresh but never stuffy, Grandmillennial style is fun and full of personality - and it looks like it’s here to stay. 
So, as we stumble into a whole new year, here are a few tips on how to master this 2020/2021 interiors trend. 


Pimp up your prints
Bare walls have no place in a Grandmillennial home, but that doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget on impressive canvases. Prints are often more affordable, but not your only option.
Why not mix-and-match a collection of miniature images, like those in The Director Collection, to liven up an alcove or an awkward nook?
Or, add a whimsical touch to a room by grouping together vibrant and colourful trays, like these stylish Florentine trays from The Tattooist Collection or plates with similar china patterns.
For a really creative interpretation, you could frame a more unusual collection, like an assortment of this gorgeous silver cutlery collection, and hang it next to a more modern piece of furniture. 


Antiques, Interior and Decor of Grandmillennial Styling
Antiques, Interior and Decor of Grandmillennial Styling
Antiques, Interior and Decor of Grandmillennial Styling

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Embrace the random and miscellaneous 
Add items to your home for the pure joy of it. Something that has no real function, other than to bring a smile to your face or an arched eyebrow from your friend who is still high on hygge.
No one needs a pair of antique face screens – unless you’re really into heavy Georgian makeup and worried about it melting off your face in front of the fire. But, it will immediately inject a dose of nostalgia, fun and personality into any room. 
Just be careful to keep your collection curated; too many miscellaneous items and you risk veering into curiosity shop territory.
Antiques, Interior and Decor of Grandmillennial Styling


Lay the table
Even in the midst of a global lockdown, enviable tablescapes full of French linen, chintzy china, artfully placed foliage and candles have dominated social media and editorials.
Effortless entertaining is a key feature of Grandmillennial lifestyle, which means formal place-settings are back in business. To avoid replicating a Victoria dinner party, juxtapose formal with casual. We don’t need to see all of your finest porcelain in one go – edit it and pair it back, perhaps with bamboo placemats and vintage blue glasses.


Antiques, Interior and Decor of Grandmillennial Styling
Inspired to embrace your inner Grandmillennial? Take a look around The Urban Vintage Affair for more ideas.
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Allie D'Almo is a London-based lifestyle writer. She has a passion for all things antique and vintage, especially if they have a good story. You can find out more about what she does at or on twitter @Allie_Dalmo

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