Faux Foliage #TrendBlog

Faux Foliage #TrendBlog

Are you also done with picking up dead petals and are you still finding pine leaves? Well maybe it's time to start looking into some faux foliage and flowers. This is a rising and sustainable trend with interior designers, event organisers and wedding planners. In no way does this mean the hard plastic things your great gran use to have alongside the plastic fruit. No we mean beautiful handmade flowers and plants that actually look real.

  •  Love the look of foliage and flowers all season long
  •  Functional for any room
  •  Interchange arrangements and vessels for instant unique changes 
  •  Extremely low maintenance
  •  Silk peonies
  •  Velvet or felt succulents
  •  Patterned plants with large interesting leaves

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