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Christmas Gift Guide 2022 - Gifts Under £50

Here are our festive gift guide where each piece has been hand-selected for budgets of up to £50. We have so many wonderful piece and these are the rare and charming ones we selected as a fun and stylish gift


1.  The Director Shane - Corn On The Cob Pottery Dish £20

2. The Punk Jude - Miniature Copper Kettle Teapot £45

3.  Hand Printed Coloured 19th Century Engraving £48

4.  The Director Roy - Antique Customised Magnifying Glass £28

5. The Director Christine - Vintage Treen Wooden Butter Stamp £50

6. Antique Silver Thimble from £28 to £45

7.  The Mixologist Amy - Small Jasperware Ceramic Container £48