Be Inspired With Our #SustainableGiftGuide

Be Inspired With Our #SustainableGiftGuide

We all know someone that follows some sort of general sustainable values; either makes their own products, buys handmade or shops in bulk.  Or even someone that has a lifestyle following organic, fair-trade values, minimal waste, reuse before recycle or reduced packaging. Or like me, someone who is keen to support creative artisans and small brands. Also I'm sure most of us just wish that household shopping came in much more stylish containers. 

Here is a collated selection of sustainable and inspiring home gift ideas, including a few from our favourite brands. #SustainableGiftGuide #UpgradeYourSustainableLiving

1. Vintage Coffee Grinder

Fully functional and  practical for coffee connoisseurs. Purchase your coffee beans buy the weight and freshly grinned the the authentic way without using electricity. £85 Dazzle Vintage Furniture.

2. Handmade Vintage Brass Container

The original refill and storage device with style. Perfect for storing dried cooking ingredients or tea leaves as this was original made for. £75 The Urban Vintage Affair

3. Soya Wax Candle

Eco friendly, good quality and unscented tea lights. These handmade candles are great for mood lighting or using with in vessels for your fragranced melts. Soy wax candles produce about 90% less soot than paraffin candles so better on our lungs and furnishings.  £4.50 for 12 PQ Soy Wax Candles

4. Handmade Vessel & Soya Candle

This candle uses sustainable soya wax, which has been hand poured using a blend of organic essential oils and toxin-free fragrances of fresh pine and fig. The handmade vessel is  made in a india ceramic studio which practices the principles of social sustainability and fair trade working. £45 The Urban Vintage Affair.

5. Handmade Ceramic Vessel

Slowly handmade in a Welsh countryside studio by a designer potter. Each piece is unique is finish. Perfect for refilling your in kitchen or bathroom supplies. £55 The Urban Vintage Affair.

6. Vintage Glass Decanters

Refill bottles are best when the are transparent, just for easy identification. Reuse over and over as these bottles will be great for liquids like soap, mouthwash, bubble bath, washing up liquid and even soap powder. No matter how sustainable your shopping habits are, Cleaning and beauty products will not came in any more stylish containers than these.

7. Handmade Serving Platter

A handmade serving board with a ceramic white bowl set into the solid Iroko wood. The majority of the wood products utilise is discarded and destined to be thrown away, therefore giving opportunity to give wood a new life that will last another lifetime. Blessed with a high oil content, this quality African timber is hardwearing, naturally hygienic and well stunning in appearance. £24 Harty’s

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