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The Mixologist Shane - Set of Vanity Jars with Silver Lids

The Mixologist Shane - Set of Vanity Jars with Silver Lids

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Shane is as set of 4 antique vanity travel containers.

His glass bodies are fluted Doric column style.

His lids are in sterling silver and detailed monogram S M  / S M intertwined.

Oval Jar measures 7cm width x 9.2cm height x 4.5cm depth.

Bottle measure 4.5cm width x 10cm height x 3.5cm depth.

Small jars measure 4.2cm width x 8.5cm height x 4.2cm depth.

He is hallmarked 1922 London 

Maker is William Amaziah Ellwick

All in good usable condition, glass is free from chips or cracks,. The lids have a few small dings expected form age and use. 

This lovely find is sold as a set

Today these containers can be used for everything, use them daily at home at work and in every room; for supplements, for spices, tea leaves,  fish food jars, to name a few.

If you are wanting to upgrade your containers in your kitchen cupboard, bathroom or office desk you will find these containers suitable.
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