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The Director Fabian - Antique Magic Lantern and 47 Slides

The Director Fabian - Antique Magic Lantern and 47 Slides

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The Director Fabian is an antique small magic lantern device containing 47 coloured illustrated slides.

He is made from tin, with four gold pained claw feet, two latching doors, one on the side and one in the rear for placing the burner. Instead of a burner we have this device converted with a torch for easy, safe and instant use.

His chimney piece along with the adjustable lens is detachable.

These glass slides would have been used to display the images this a magic lantern device and the slides are often as important at the device itself

Fabian has a total of 47 slides with images including painting, scenery, cartoons animals and wildlife stories. Special mention to the 2 x Micky Mouse slides and 2 x very rare moving Kaleidoscope slides these are called Chromatrope slides

An amazing find and a fine example similar to German manufacture Ernest Plank who also made toy steam engines. 

This particular lantern has a gold embosses logo on the front. A star shaped badge that has the initials F.N.N. in the centre and the Latin motto "OPUS CORONAT LABOREM" around the edge. 

Made by Fritz Neumeyer in Germany, who is first and foremost known as the co-founder of the Zündapp factory of motorbikes

Magic lantern dates 1880-1890

Slides dates 1820 - 1840

This magic lantern is original, complete  and desirable especially as this set.

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