About The Punk

This specialised collection of The Punks Vessel date from the early 19th century and can be used for multiple purposes today.

This diverse collection of silver, glass and ceramic vessels will eventually expand into larger pieces such as selected champagne buckets.

Tea and Coffee Pots

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate became fashionable drinks from the late 17th century and over the next two centuries a large number of pots were made for these.

Originally the pots were made from a Chinese porcelain or stoneware before silver became popular in the 1700’s. The first silver teapots tended to be pear shaped, round or octagonal.

Drinking tea with milk became popular, which created demand for silver tea services including milk jugs with matching sugar bowls.

The most standard tea and coffee service of the 1870s and 1880s consisted of 6 pieces, including 3 pots.  The largest of theses was the coffee pot, then the tea pot and thirdly the pot for hot water. In addition may sets had matching urns.

Many of our desirable and collectable pots can be teamed up with a matching set of Milk and Sugar Vessels, in The Masters Small Vessel category. We have intentionally split these to allow you the freedom to mix and match to suit your preferences.

Vases and Large Jugs

Our ceramic vessels include those from famous British potteries, to Chinese porcelain. to decorative, contemporary or vintage pieces. Alongside pottery of the late 19th and early 20th centuries there is something that will suit almost every taste.  We always select our ceramic pieces with the end use in mind.

From the mid 20th century molded ceramic shapes were made specifically for flower arranging in vases, planters and similar items, as this was a popular pastime of this period.


The most common use for all antiques in this category is a flower vessel. Every piece has been selected with this end use in mind. Today we also see teapots and large vessels being used as fabulous bird feeders. Place or hang them around the garden for your feathery friends to feast on. 

See our Pinterest page for more inspiration Retro Afternoon Tea