Behind The Brand - Researching Is Just As Important As The Sourcing

Behind The Brand - Researching Is Just As Important As The Sourcing

While always having a passion for antiques, my life before now was spent working with amazing brands in men’s and women’s wear, surf wear, high end Designer to casual street wear. Brands including, All Saints, Pringle of Scotland, Mambo and Tommy Hilfiger.

My experience with all these companies allowed me to also work freelance as a Senior Development and Production advisor for new start companies and new brands helping setting up systems, sourcing and creating their first sample collections. 

This is what has allowed me to bring my fascination of hand made historical items into modern, contemporary living. 

As an adult I’ve studied courses in antiques and collectables in two different London academies and have spent far too much time boring my friends whilst I rummaged through auction houses and antique fairs.

Today I continue to stay up to date with what’s happening in fashion and manufacturing whilst I research and identify the traditional detailing to create the apparel coming collections for the brand, which will hopefully commence on the success of the antique products. I have a lot of exciting work ahead of me.

Even today with a full time job I still manage to do research on products and for creative inspiration. I'm always visiting museums, doing courses and regularly attending national and intentional trade fairs, markets and events to research as well as purchase. 



I love creating digital and 3D mood boards for the brand. Pinterest and Canva being my great creatives tools. Not forgetting the traditional old fashion way of flicking through reference books on antiques, interior design and history.


I do tons of research on product categories and each product I purchase to educate both myself and you on as many historically interesting facts as possible - Search and follow the hashtag #TUVAfacts on social media for snippets of interesting and historical facts 

My research also involves connecting with other creative and antique lovers, professionals and experts. I've found it's super useful joining lots of groups where you have the opportunity to learn and share valuable information. 

Time is also put aside to attend business and marketing seminars as well as hands on courses and workshops on history and antiques, crafts and design.
We aim to keep things fresh and now. Because we're not just an e-tail store, but a lifestyle brand also offering inspiration into the world of design and creativity for the 21st century.


The word 'Lifestyle' is my key marketing goal for 2019, with an emphasis on offering more than any other lifestyle brand. 

I welcome you to be part of our exciting journey. 


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