Quarantine Resulting In Virtual Vintage Fair

Quarantine Resulting In Virtual Vintage Fair

So has the boredom started to kick in yet or are you super busy working from home whilst juggling the never ending cooking and cleaning?  My hands are so dry I had to by some more bees wax balm to repair the effects from the constant hand washing and doing the never ending dishes. But I'm not complaining as life and business needs to go on right!
As a reaction to social distancing, eliminating all public sourcing and selling. I am pleased to announce that The Urban Vintage Affair has recently joined the Instagram page Virtual Vintage Fair. I was invited by Sam and Tamara the founders of Your Antique Sourcing Studio who have put their creative energy setting up this fab Instagram vintage group. I am really pleased and flattered to be part of this exciting Virtual Fair, along with 29 other great vintage and antique traders.


So in the absence of all the fairs, markets and pop ups, Virtual Vintage Fair has been created as online space for two different dealers a day to showcase their beautiful pieces they have for sale. Where you, the audience can stay safe indoors whilst indulging from the comfort of your armchair or deckchair.



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If you can support small businesses during this time, please do so. We all need help to get through this, so this also means all of us dealers putting ourselves out there to you on this new Instagram page so give us a 'like' and interact with us all.

My next post n VVF is scheduled to be on 25th May but that might change so please follow our Instagram pages not to miss my post and stories. Thank you.

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