Lupus Awareness

Lupus Awareness

Lupus Awareness Day 10th May each year
Lupus Awareness Month October UK
Lupus Awareness Month May USA


Last year October 2021, with the support of you all, we were able to raise a total of £602.01 for Lupus UK  (Registered charity nos. 1051610, SC039682)

May 2020 we raised £386.40

I know its been a extremely difficult couple of years for many and would like to raise the target to just slightly to £700 (running total 13k) and see what we can achieve. Donate here 

This year 2022 marks 9 years since my mum past away from this disease. so each year I do my part through the brand to raise awareness and funds for the charity my mum regularly donated to, in support of the research and cure. 

Lupus is an immune system illness, probably genetic in origin and mainly suffered by females. It can affect any part of the body and that's the danger.

Lupus is an incurable disease, but there do exist treatments which can make living with it more manageable and improve the prognosis of the patient significantly. It cannot be transmitted from person to person, but it does seem to appear more frequently in people who have a history of it in their families.

Lupus is a tricky disease to catch because it is often mistaken for other afflictions, which means it can go undetected for years without even the person affected knowing. Amongst other symptoms, sufferers may exhibit a fever, tiredness, an increase in mouth ulcers and may even develop arthritis.

Education and research are essential if we are ever to find a cure for lupus – and this month, perhaps you can help out. Help to spread awareness about the disease by starting conversations on social media, or by simply sharing this blog.  Lupus is a mysterious and damaging disease, and until a cure can be found, do your bit in October by observing Lupus Awareness Month. 

For more information on this charity please see the website Lupus UK 

To help support and raise funds to fight against this illness, The Urban Vintage Affair will donate 15% of all money made through online sales until the end of October to Lupus UK. Alternatively you can make a direct payment to the charity through this link 

Any contribution would be greatly appreciated, however just you reading this post and sharing will also be a valuable contribution to the cause.

Thank you so much Natasha xx

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