Behind The Brand - Path Still Treading

Behind The Brand - Path Still Treading

It has been a quiet quarantine time for me and have experienced a 100% lockdown for so long I have stopped counting the weeks... what's the point!

So instead of counting, I have the opportunity to take some time to reflect on me as person and sharing a more human life connection with my brand and sharing my status as a developing dealer. The Urban Vintage affair is part of me and one of many avenues I am steadily growing to part of my legacy and what really matters to me. If was born our of self indulgent desire to learn and acquire antiques. Which then lead to explaining and inspiring others around as they didn't quite get why this young black girl from East London liked "old second had stuff" so much.                                        

While I have always had a passion for antiques, my life before now has been spent working with amazing brands developing collections in mens / womens apparel and accessories, from high end designer to casual streetwear. Brands including, All Saints, Pringle of Scotland, Mambo and Tommy Hilfiger.

My experience with all these fashion companies allowed me to also work freelance as a Development and Production advisor for new start companies and small brands helping setting up systems, sourcing and creating their first sample collections. This experience has also brought to life my Consultancy business. This second business which I am developing to be the core foundation of my legacy and personal growth. 

Fashion and product development have allowed me to bring my fascination of handmade historical items into modern, trend driven contemporary living. The edge and ethos I am keen to maintain for The Urban Vintage Affair.

As an adult I’ve studied courses in antiques and collectables in two different London academies and have spent far too much time boring my friends whilst I rummaged through auction houses and antique fairs.

Today I continue to stay up to date with what’s happening in fashion and creative industry whilst I research and identify the traditional detailing in creating the non antiques collections for the brand The Sommelier which I hope you think complements the successful antique collections I offer.                   

Heads up this story is not over,  I have a lot of exciting work and opportunities ahead of me.

Natasha x


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