Behind The Brand - My Passion For Antiques

Behind The Brand - My Passion For Antiques

Many people ask why I set up this brand, so I thought I would a post about it.

Having studied Fashion Design at college and university and worked for many years in fashion, research and development, you might wonder where do I get my passion for all things old?

It started at a young age. From the age of seven I started wandering into second hand stores, always dragging mum into charity and bric-a-brac shops, seeing unusual things and questioning what they were. I suppose I was always a nosy child and even today still not afraid to question antique dealers when coming across unusual curiosities. 

During my college years, I soon began to get fed up of living in a mass-produced environment where cheap Weetabix furniture kept on chipping and breaking and then having to replace them every time I moved residence. So I began to save my money from my weekend retail work and would only spend it on quality items. I found myself only purchasing homemade or antiques or doing without.

Never having been a fan of retro 70’s style my desire was to go later back into Georgian and Victorian era products. Things I would see in the museum and on my favourite period film Gosford Park - check it out. I was intrigued to own these unusual talking point items that had so much attention to detail, that had lasted so long and had a story. The thing I realised about antiques is that they have already lasted 100 years and no doubt will last 100 more.

Hopefully my brand will inspire you too.

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