About The Mixologist

Small glass containers with silver lids would have originally been used in dressing cases for men.

These containers were designed to hold an endless list of necessities at the time, including colognes/perfumes, make up, lotions, lip and hair accessories, toothbrushes and tooth powders, shaving creams, brushes, soap, smelling salts, writing inks and even alcohol.

The origins of the these date as far back as the late 14th century in France. Most well-known English ones were produced towards the end of the 18th century.

The most elaborate boxes were made from beautifully cut glass with sterling silver lids designed for the noble and rich. The less expensive versions were made with silver plate and much plainer glass.  

Women began to travel more in the Victorian area and so the boxes became larger and more decorative to suit the female traveller. They became known as Beauty Vanity boxes.

Some large and heavier versions of these containers would have sat on a lady’s dressing table and became popular during the early nineteenth century.

These dressing table glass containers were more decoratively and ornately cut, and the silver lids engraved with patters or inlaid with semi-precious stones or enamelling.

Although most of our containers are glass and silver, as long as it has a lid then it can appear in our Mixologist Container collection. Including containers made from glass, ceramic and metals, we have scoured an eye catching international selection with attention to craftsmanship details. 


How can you use these containers today? The containers can be used for everything, we use them daily at home at work and in every room; toothbrush holder, vanilla pod container, pills and tablets box, for spices, tea bags or fish food jars, as a pencil holder, to name a few.

If you are wanting to upgrade your containers in your kitchen cupboard, bathroom or office desk you will find something suitable here.