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The Director Penny - Antique Copper Ale Mull

The Director Penny - Antique Copper Ale Mull

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Penny is a handmade antique ale mull / muller

Stylish vessel in a cone shape, with tubular riveted handles

This vessel once used to rapidly warm, ale, beer, cider, and wine on an open fire. Traditional way to drink these beverages. 

Penny is a Georgian piece. Evident of the construction and handle form. 

Her barely visible back seam construction is also giveaway of her old age which was more identified in Georgina copper construction.

She has markings of letter R and a bell shape

Her insides have signs of patina and verdigris

Penny is in great condition especially compared to others found on the open market

Today more suited as a candle snuffer, to cover whole candle like a cloche until the black smoke smoke disappears. Or use as a stunning atheistic decor piece. 

Dates late Georgian 1820c


Height: 33cm   Diameter at opening: 13.3cm

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