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The Mixologist Dane - Vintage Confectionary Tin / Container

The Mixologist Dane - Vintage Confectionary Tin / Container

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Dane is a nostalgic vintage tin for confectionary 

He is a good size footed rectangle shape with images of European and exotic fruit. Muted colours of red, yellow, orange, green and gold.

The fruit images suggest that the tin original held fruit flavour gums or boiled sweets.

Dane has some scratches and wear throughout and mild external patina and a few dings showing his true used vintage charm. He is well used with some scuffs and marks.

His hinged lid opens smoothly and fits securely to his opening

He has a key hole but no key is available with this tin.

French and dates 1930c

His inside is clean and shiny brass and is in a usable condition

Today these collectible tins are used mainly for decor however these containers can be used for anything, use them daily at home at work and in every room. If you are wanting to upgrade your containers in your home then will find these containers suitable. Especially the rise of new age of no waste stores, bulk buying and re using packaging.
W: 22cm H: 7.5cm D:13.5 cm

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