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The Director Victor - Trench Art Brass Match Box Holder

The Director Victor - Trench Art Brass Match Box Holder

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The Director Victor a unique Trench Art brass matchbox holder,

Fix match box inner where you replace the drawer or just the matches

Victor represents the Imperial Russian army, as the eagle logo is an old Russian sterling silver coin cut out and mounted on one side and cut out crown and eagle from a British military aviation button on the other side.

Made out of recycled war refuse such as shell casings, Trench art objects are holders of soldiers' memories and reminders of the conflict they faced. Not to be mislead, Trench art does not just refer to things made by soldiers in the war trenches but also includes objects made out of war materials. The objects could be used to entertain and fill in time but at the same time help to mitigate the experiences of the war.

Very tactile piece, well used and worn giving it character and antique appeal


Height: 6cm  Width: 4cm Depth 2.2cm

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