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The Director Verity - Vintage Erotica Copper Printing Plates

The Director Verity - Vintage Erotica Copper Printing Plates

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The Director Verity is an imagery is a fashion portrait of a lady in underwear

Imagery on this plate has Russian and French text in, so unsure of nationality or source

She is a commercial copper printing plate, dating from the mid 20th Century approx 40-50s The images of  women in lingerie, both possibly for a magazine.

These were basically photographic images transposed onto purpose made copper plates, which were then arranged and fixed at whatever point of the page they were to be used at by means of pins (the holes of which can still be seen)

The plates show how far copper plate printing had come by the early 20th century, with images such as these being used to print off great volumes of newspaper and magazine articles

Use these unique plates purely for decorate effect and add non glass frame, or more functional coasters and trivets. Or maybe collect a few as a decorative project as wall tiles. 

Plate dates 1940-50c


Option 1 Height: 8.5cm Width: 6.5cm

Option  2 Height: 9cm Width: 7.5cm


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