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The Director Thomas - Vintage Hornby O Gauge Train Set

The Director Thomas - Vintage Hornby O Gauge Train Set

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The Director Thomas is a Vintage Clockwork Hornby Meccano M1 Goods train O Gauge set.

He is a Boxed train set complete with a red locomotive, red tender and two brown goods wagons. Includes 6 curved rail tracks and locomotive key. All original paperwork will be included.

Thomas is a vintage set which has some wear through, but over all good condition and appears to have been hardly used and in working condition

This will give anyone hours of fun, bonding and nostalgia time out. 

** More curved and straight rail track available  The Director Kim **

Founded by Frank Hornby who received a patent in 1901. Frank put his invention into production 'Mechanics made Easy' which led to the establishment of Meccano Ltd in 1907.

The first clockwork train was produced in 1920. In 1925 the first Hornby electric train was produced. In 1938 Hornby launched its first 00 gauge train.

The M Series was introduced as an entry-level aimed at younger children the
locomotives were descendants of the Tin Printed Train and were litho-printed
rather than enamelled. They also had different couplings to the standard
range. The M series ended up spawning more variations like M1 locos in an
attempt to make sure Hornby range go meet every budget for potential buyers.

Hornby trains have enjoyed a level of adult collector interest since the 1940s. In
1969 the Hornby Railway Collector's Association was founded to cater for
these enthusiasts

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