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The Director Stephanie - Vintage Swiss Watch Repair Kit by Horia

The Director Stephanie - Vintage Swiss Watch Repair Kit by Horia

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Stephanie is a stunning vintage staking tool stalking kit which is used by Jewellers and watch and clock makers. 

She is a beautifully formed mahogany wooden box with stainless steal metal tools 


Overall Stephanie is a very nice, nearly complete set of tools

The base of the staking set has a rotating set of round holes, which can accept anvils and stakes. The tool is used by lining up an anvil or stake in the base and another in the headstock. Some of the uses of the  staking set are reducing the  diameter of a round hole in a plate, removing the roller from a balance or forming a rivet for a balance staff.

She dates 1930c

Maker is by  the  Swiss  company  Horia, who produce high quality staking kits.

Stephanie has a couple of internal chips to her wood and is nearly complete with only a few of her tools missing.

These are very popular with hobbyists and amateur watch and clock repairers, being very durable and able to last for many years. Great useable for crafters and jewellery makers today, Functional investment piece.  

Box Dimensions

Length: 15cm Width: 13.5cm  Height: 12cm

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